Martha Plimpton is the Coolest, Smartest Actor in the Business

Martha Plimpton

My partner and I were catching up on old episodes of The Good Wife last night — we are embarrassingly behind, having just completed Season 3 — and were delighted to discover the wonderful Martha Plimpton make a return appearance to the show as Patti Nyholm. With a sparkle in her eye and a bite in her voice, she brilliantly demonstrated why she deserved the Emmy Award she won last year for this performance.

Coincidentally, on the same day we watched her work her magic on The Good Wife, Martha was in the middle of a three-day stint guest hosting Leonard Lopate’s radio show on WNYC, talking about a variety of subjects, including Prop 8, author David Rakoff, and Wallace Shawn and Andre Gregory.

Throughout the same day, as she does every day, she was active on social media, promoting the work of A is For, a non-profit she co-founded, whose mission is to “serve as an ally and advocate for organizations working to protect reproductive rights.” It’s a pretty incredible organization, and Martha is a tireless ambassador. Check out their website here.

Did I mention she has a day job? Yep, she’s been nominated for an Emmy Award for hysterically playing Virginia Chance on Fox’s Raising Hope, which was renewed for a fourth season this fall. Oh, and one more thing — when she’s not gracing television screens, she makes frequent appearances on the New York stage, including garnering three Tony Award nominations for performances in the shows The Coast of UtopiaTop Girls and Pal Joey.

Is there anything this woman can’t do?

How did the girl from The Goonies and Running on Empty and Parenthood become the coolest, and smartest, chick in show business?

It seems she got there both by not giving a fuck and by deeply giving a fuck. She educates herself. She cares. She puts herself out there. She is who she is. She’s outspoken. She makes bold choices.

And I love her for it.

Keep on keeping on, Martha. Can’t wait to see what you’ll do next.

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