The Good, The Bad and The Surprising From the Emmy Nominations

Kerry Washington Scandal

After spending weeks Predicting the Emmy Nominations, I woke up like a kid on Christmas morning — well — if I wasn’t Jewish that it is — to see who actually made the cut. (Check out a full list of all nominees here).

As always, the Academy made so excellent selections, some downright terrible ones, and some that made me scratch my head. Here the ones that stood out to me:


Connie Britton – Lead Actress in a Drama
Though Nashville can be a bit uneven, I’m thrilled to see Britton pick up her fourth straight nomination for three very different projects (Friday Night Lights, American Horror Story and now Nashville). In my eyes she can do no wrong.

Vera Farmiga – Lead Actress in a Drama
The former Oscar nominee took her television debut by storm, ripping into the role of Norma on Bates Motel. Claire Danes, the presumed front runner in the Lead Actress category, better watch her back.

Kerry Washington – Lead Actress in a Drama
Scandal is one of the most deliciously entertaining shows on television, and it would be nothing without Washington’s high wire act of a central performance. It’s great to see the academy recognize that.

Adam Driver – Supporting Actor in a Comedy
I had my fingers crossed on this one, but wasn’t holding my breath after he was passed over for Golden Globe and Critics Choice Award nominations. His brilliant blend of off kilter comedy and sometimes scary drama is, to me, as much the heart of Girls as any of the titular ladies themselves.


Monica Potter – Snubbed for Supporting Actress in a Drama
If a universally critically acclaimed performance during a cancer storyline is not going to get this severely underrated Parenthood actress nominated, it looks like nothing well. Definitely the most egregious snub of the season.

Juliana Margulies – Snubbed for Lead Actress in a Drama
It’s hard to complain about this category when I just said how happy I was to see three women included, but to leave off The Good Wife‘s divine Margulies here is a travesty.

Rupaul – Snubbed for Reality Competition Show Host
Betty White again? Really? And Anthony Bourdain for The Taste? These are reality show hosts that are better at what they do than Rupaul on the fabulously entertaining Rupaul’s Drag Race? I don’t buy that for a minute.


All the love for Veep
Who knew there would be so much love for Veep? With nominations for Best Comedy, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress (Anna Chlumsky) and Best Supporting Actor (Tony Hale), the HBO comedy got even more love in the top categories than critical darling Girls.

No love for The Americans
It looks like Netflix’ House of Cards took spots that could have gone to The Americans in the Best Drama Series, Best Actor (Kevin Spacey over Matthew Rhys) and Best Actress (Robin Wright over Keri Russell) categories. At least Margo Martindale snagged a nod for Best Guest Actress and the show was nominated for best title theme. That’s something, right?

Where’s Corey Stoll?
Though the Academy clearly wasn’t shy about honoring Netflix’ first original series, one of its most acclaimed actors missed the cut — Corey Stoll in the Supporting Actor category. Did they really need to nominate Downton Abbey‘s Jim Carter again?

Emilia Clarke – Nominated for Supporting Actress in a Drama
Many people thought the second Game of Thrones actor to score a nomination after Peter Dinklage would be Nikolaji Coster-Waldau, but instead it was Daenerys herself, Emilia Clarke. I didn’t see that one coming.

Eric Stonestreet — No nomination for Supporting Actor in a Comedy
I predicted that one or two of the Modern Family actors would be left on the sidelines, but I didn’t imagine it would be two-time winner Stonestreet. Did no Fizbo episode this season did him in?

No New Big Bang Theory Actors
Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik returned to the fold, but unlike many folks predicted, they were not joined by any of their costars. Maybe next year Simon Helberg, Kaley Cuoco, Melissa Rauch and Johnny Galecki.

What surprised you from today’s nominations? Let me know!

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