“People Hate People Who Are Cute” — Aaryn’s Most Ridiculous Quotes from Episode 10 of BIG BROTHER


Well, despite being the most hated houseguest in America and inside the Big Brother house, Aaryn somehow managed to escape eviction this week. Great — at least one more week with America’s favorite racist.

Here are her most entertaining — or, in other words, ridiculous — bon mots of the night.

“If I have to swallow my pride and kiss some butts for the week, then that’s what I’ll do.”

“GinaMarie crying like a little baby ruined the entire joke. I don’t know why we can’t just have a little fun once in a while.”

“I want to thank my family for giving me the love and support to be here.”
[EDITOR’S NOTE: Did they also teach you all of those “jokes” you know, Aaryn?]

“If I just show people I’m a good and fun person it’s definitely going to help me out of this week.”

“You know it’s hard for me to act nice to everyone. I think I deserve to be acknowledged for that.”

“Jeremy is being discriminated against because he’s a winner. I think it’s unfair for all of these wimps to penalize him for being good at competitions.”

“I have never meant any comment in any derogatory way. Ever.”

“This is such a perfect example of how life is. People hate people who are good at things. People hate people who are cute.”

What quote from Aaryn made your jaw drop the furthest? Let me know!

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