Hollywood Game Night

Everyone loves a good game of charades — even, it turns out, celebrities!

Last night I tuned into the premiere of Hollywood Game Night and found it to be an unexpectedly charming delight. Hosted by Jane Lynch, the premiere featured Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow, Martin Short, Kristen Bell, Allyson Hannigan and Daniel Dae Kim, along with two “normal” contestant, taking part in a series of party games. The games themselves were pretty silly, and no one really cared or paid attention to the “normal” contestants, but with the alcohol flowing, just as it would at any game night, the stars were relaxed and totally up for a good time. I mean, I’d much rather watch Allyson Hannigan’s competitive side come out while instructing Martin Short to put photos of Johnny Depp in chronological order than I would see her sitting on Jay Leno’s couch telling a rehearsed “cute” story about one of her children.

Kim was probably the most reserved of the six stars, but they all came out looking good — Perry was typically self-deprecating and hysterical, Short was wacky, Bell was generally adorable, and Kudrow showed a surprising aptitude for guessing Tom Hanks movies during charades. They each had a moment of making me laugh out loud.

I also appreciated that the games were decidedly lo-fi — these were games that you could actually see playing at home, without all the digital bells and whistles that are de rigueur on television these days. Lynch’s skills in improv make her an excellent host for the proceedings — I hope in future episodes they will ditch the canned teleprompter intros and simply let her cut loose completely.

Is Hollywood Game Night revolutionary television? No. But it is an old fashioned good time, and sometimes that’s just what you’re looking for.

Did you watch the premiere? Let me know what you thought.

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