The Devil is Blonde: BIG BROTHER’s Aaryn is Pure Evil


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When the houseguests for this season of Big Brother were first announced, Aaryn Gries immediately reminded me of former winner Jordan. In fact, I wrote in my post First Impressions of the Big Brother Houseguests “She’s sweet, she’s cute, she’s blonde — is she the second coming of Jordan?”

Well, I got one out of three right — she is blonde. On the other two counts I was dead wrong.

A couple of weeks into the competition I have come the conclusion that Aaryn is pure evil. I don’t watch the live feeds, so up until this week I had only read about her racist and homophobic comments online. After watching Sunday’s episode, in which CBS (finally) aired some of her more egregious remarks, I am simply astounded. Call me naive, but I simply did not know that people like this still existed in 2013. It’s not just the things she says — it is the cavalier way in which she says them. She utters these despicable things with a smile on her face. She is gleeful in her hatred. She is patting herself on the back while she is denigrating others.

It’s disgusting.

As I remarked in my post CBS Issues an Official Statement on Big Brother Racist and Homophobic Remarks, it is inconceivable to me that there is such a disconnect between her ability to say what she says and her knowledge that her words are being broadcast to millions of people. She is clearly a girl who has watched the show before, so there’s no other conclusion I can reach other than the fact that she must not care that her words are so hateful and ignorant. Her prolonged impression of an Asian manicurist, aired on Sunday night’s episode, was clearly making some of her fellow houseguests uncomfortable. She didn’t care. It takes a very special kind of narcissism and self regard to be that oblivious to how you are coming across.

In fact, when informed by her fellow houseguests that her comments were inappropriate, she responded, “That’s the most obnoxious, annoying thing I’ve ever heard…I’m not even gonna acknowledge it, because it’s the biggest joke. I really just think that it’s the most immature thing ever. They call me Barbie and all sorts of —- about me being blonde all the time, so what’s the difference? I wish that I cared more about this, but I don’t…”

Wow. Just wow.

But Aaryn’s evil-ness is not limited to her racism and homophobia. She is also vengeful. And spiteful. And delusional. She has spent her week as Head of Household “avenging” David’s ouster, when she knew David for one week. And David was an IDIOT! The lifeguard who was playing the game for a showmance instead of the money is who she’s most loyal to? Who she’s willing to make enemies over?

So, basically, I’ve never been more wrong than comparing Aaryn to Jordan. Sweet Jordan, who couldn’t hurt a fly. Who struggled to say a bad word about anyone. Who wasn’t a savvy gameplayer, but at least hitched her wagon to a sharp cookie.

No, Aaryn is no Jordan. But she just might be the devil incarnate.

What do you think of Aaryn? Let me know.

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35 Responses to The Devil is Blonde: BIG BROTHER’s Aaryn is Pure Evil

  1. I agree with your assessment. She is evil. Petty, snide, racist and immature. I also think Spencer is evil. I have to wonder what male role model he had growing up that he would treat women they way he does. This season is the most disappointing one ever.

    • Louise says:

      Hey sorry u got 3 out of 3 wrong…she is not a real blonde either lol. It would make us all so happy to see Julie tell her she is fired on air so we can see her reaction.

    • Do you mean Jeremy? He’s the douche that was yelling and hollering about the wine and made Helen cry. Spencer is the balding, red-headed dude that works with trains or something like that.

    • Emma Lee says:

      I think you mean Jeremy…I literally have to turn the volume up when Spencer is talking because he’s so quiet. I don’t think you mean him.

      • No Spencer was saying stupid shit to the other guests as well thats why he has also lost his job like Gina Marie and Aaryn…. maybe he has quieted down now because people are being called out but he was running his mouth in the after dark…

  2. bonnie510 says:

    She is just a young and dumb arrogant stupid little bitch of the house

  3. Linda says:

    She is indeed evil and full of hatred. I was born and raised in Texas and am ashamed that she is a Texan. Texans are fun friendly people. Shame on her and shame on CBS for not getting rid of her. Sad that there’s alot of people that had to hear her nasty comments. They don’t deserve that. Aaryn just showed the nation who she truly is, an evil narcissistic person!

  4. I can’t wait for her exit interview with Julie – HA!

    • Sands Lee says:

      My thoughts exactly!

    • And i wonder what Julie is going to ask her?????

    • Cynthia Stapper says:

      I can not wait to see that happen

    • lll says:

      she wont know or realize that julie is asian bc her mindless head will still be racially challenged

    • lll says:

      i cant wait to see the audience’s reaction instead !!! lets see if anyone cheers or applauds her when she walks out that door !

      • Id like there to be complete silence as she walks over to Julie… then after Julie says how are you feeling blah blah blah … Id like to Julie to play the goodbye videos and say now we also have a video from your work… and nice video saying Aaryn you have been fired from your job because youre a racist bitch… I want to see her face and that smug smirk wiped right off… and when Julie turns her head to see her reaction I hope she smiles and enjoys that justice has been served.

  5. I find this season they have some mean, nasty and evil people on the show. Some whom they think they are all that and more. I know they (CBS) wants people who will stir the pot and all…but i think they got more than they bargained for….

  6. I pray to God that she has what is coming her way when she gets out of big brother into real life after everyone that has seen the show and how she has acted what will her out come will be in real life…..

    • Naya says:

      I believe I read online her and Gina Marie were already fired from their actual jobs outside of Big Brother

  7. She is truly evil and needs to be outed by the producers for what she said!

  8. Simply saying the word “queer” does not a homophobe make. Do you even KNOW what a phobia is??? Educate yourself. It is an irrational fear. I have yet to see Aaryn running in fear for her life from Andy. A phobia is a FEAR, not the use of a WORD. What can we call YOU for bad mouthing Aaryn? What phobia does that indicate in YOU?

    • Danielle Hunt says:

      Homophobia manifests itself in many forms, insulting, generalization and biases are all forms of homophobia. The definition of phobia is not only the fear of something but the aversion of it too. Aversion makes people say and do nasty things to innocent people, just like Aaryn is doing. Many people take offense to the term “Queer” as it insults, and generalizes the whole LGBTQ community. I believe what she said was “He could get MVP because everyone loves the queers,” referring to a gay contestant. Does that not sound like a huge generalization? Couldn’t that offend many people? Yes, because it obviously has, the way she treats people and her comments on Big Brother are going international.

  9. she is evil!!! I saw julie on ‘The Talk” and she was so insulted. I think she will get it when she is out of the house.that is if she is smart enough to get it!

  10. I really think CBS needs to get her out ,she is truly not the image we need to see on T.V.

  11. Sherry says:

    The serious look on Julie’s face last night said it all. I too can’t wait for the exit interview but I also can’t wait till Aaryn has to show her face in public again. I was taught not to judge people and I try really hard not to. But Aaryn leaves it all out there for everyone to see and it’s disgraceful that in this day and age we are still hearing about this kind of racism. When she has to face the real world again I have no doubts that she will see her wrongs and hopefully change her attitude quickly and see how hurtful it really is.

  12. Kris says:

    I agree with your conclusion 100%, she is evil-hearted and the LEAST she could have done was take ownership for the comments made. Amanda was giving her an olive branch to take ownership for her hurtful remarks and allow her to apologize or at the very least, be “mindful” of her comments. Her immature reaction and defensiveness shows how shallow and inconsiderate she is…and extremly foolish (forgetting that the world is watching). Its SO SAD that kids are committing suicide because of horrible bullying, yet the bullies of the world watch morons like Aaryn and Jeremy and think its acceptable to be mean, disgraceful bullies. Its teaching viewers that inside beauty isnt valued in our society. I cant wait for her departure and realization of all the backlash she’ll have to face once into the ‘real’ world.

    • Ada says:

      Sad thing is I honestly don’t think that even after she’s confronted about her comments and attitude whether by Julie or future talk shots, she’s understand how truly horrible a person she is. I think it’s more of a case that she’ll say the words that she thinks the public wants to hear and “apologise” but not truly mean them. Given that a friend in the house actually tried to talk to her and that was her reaction, I don’t see her ever getting it.

  13. Jeanette Jones says:

    I don’t know why Jeremy is supporting Aaryn and GinaMarrie there ugly people who racist about his culture too.

    • Van1963 says:

      Because they are all peas in a pod. He is a bully and verbally abusive.

    • Ada says:

      Jeremy is just as bad as those 2. Evil seeks out their own kind. I can’t wait until all 3 of them are out of the house and we’re not forced to watch so much evil and hate anymore. I watch BB to be entertained, not disgusted to the point where I want to vomit.

  14. Allowing this to go on is WRONG. Bigot Brother is allowing blatant racists to time warp us back to the 50s-era civil rights movement. There is no word vile enough to describe this behavior.

  15. kelie says:

    I total agree she is for sure the mean girl and she needs to go its not nice to hurt people because you feel like being an ass ….

  16. lee brown says:

    Aaryn & Gina are so vile! I hate to call people names but they are just trash. Get rid of them!

  17. Bonnie says:

    I really think Aaryn is a sociopath, no remorse, believes her lies and doesn’t see what she is doing to others (her meanness). Look it up!!.

  18. m bennett says:

    can i say that after having watched big brother for many years in england and the australian series i am completely disgusted with the way the network is handling the bullying and racism that is happening of this show….in the other countries the public does see the diary room and the producers speaking to housemates when they are being reprimanded and if a housemate acted like arryn does she would be called to the diary room and immediately removed from the house without being given any warning….the other housemates would then be told and given a brief explanation of why the person has been removed…it is much better idea of seeing housemates talking to producers in diary room and hearing producers speak to housemates..the girl should be removed and a precidant set for the others to see that bullying and racism should not be tolerated…it is so sad to see it…..

  19. Claudia Paul says:

    I wonder if they will put Aaryn and her family in witness protection when she gets the boot? LOL
    I’d say she may be unemployable for a longgggg time and shunned too (good). Has there been any comments from her parents/ family/ friends?

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