“She’s a Maneater” — The Ten Best Quotes from Episode 4 of BIG BROTHER


After a controversial week on Big Brother, in which there was more talk online about disgusting comments made by the houseguests than discussion of gameplay, lifeguard David was sent home on the first live eviction episode. Here are the top ten quotes from the fourth broadcast episode of the season:

10. “Why do people have to yell at each other? We haven’t even done anything.”
[EDITOR’S NOTE: Helen, do you know what game you are playing?]

9. About opening up the bottle of wine early
“Nobody needs to know.”
[EDITOR’S NOTE: She is horrible. Horrible.]

8. “When Elissa comes out to Andy and tells him the truth it really shows that she’s trying to be trustworthy. And maybe we can work with her. And maybe she’s human. Maybe.”

7. “All of a sudden Amanda is crawling in my bed. And to be honest, I’m scared. She’s a man-eater.”
[EDITOR’S NOTE: Now, this is the showmance I want to see.]

6. Jeremy rips open his shirt, tearing off the buttons, to impress Kaitlin
K: “Why did you just do that?”
J: “I thought it would be sexy.
K: “I can’t believe you just did that.”
J: Did it work or did it not?
K “I mean, I felt like the timing was horrible, to be honest with you.”

5. “I know I’m stirring the pot, but they really need a smackdown, and I’m sick of them.”
[EDITOR’S NOTE: Speaking of pots, Aaryn, you are one — and you are calling the kettle black.]

4. “Aaryn is, without a doubt, the head of the snake, and Jeremy is the ridiculously big, hulking body of the snake.”

3. “I’m pretty smart….”
[EDITOR’S NOTE: Well, David, you are certainly something.]

2. “Elissa may not be the sharpest botox needle on the tray, but she is related to one.”
[EDITOR’S NOTE: I don’t know where Amanda sits around thinking up these bon mots, but I hope she keeps doing it — loving them.]

1. “The game is already in overdrive, and people are starting to show their true colors.”
-Julie Chen
[EDITOR’S NOTE: Is this CBS’ attempt at acknowledging the controversy over racist and homophobic comments? If so — lame! Read more on my thoughts on the controversy here.]

What was your favorite quote from the episode? Let me know!

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