The Ten Best Quotes From the Second Episode of BIG BROTHER


Big Brother houseguests are nothing if not quotable. Below are some words of “wisdom” from the second episode of the season, in which we saw the contestants gossip about Elissa’s resemblance to her sister Rachel, learned of the creation of the “The Moving Company” alliance and watched some showmances start to form. Tonight, David and Amanda shared the prize for the most memorable bon mots. Note: none of the apparently racist, homophobic and mysoginistic things that are being said during the live feeds made it onto the broadcast. Funny that.

Here are my Top 10 quotes from Episode 2 that were deemed appropriate for network viewer consumption:

10. “No one comes in between me and my hot shower.”

9. “In the past you just had to suck up to the Head of Household, and now you have to suck up to everybody!”
-Professor Andy

8. “Everyone wants a slice of the pizza boy, if you know what I mean.”
[EDITOR’S NOTE: We do, Amanda. We do.]

7. “I’m a big water guy. I know the water by heart.”
[EDITOR’S NOTE: With that kind of command of craft, I bet he’s a really good lifeguard.]

6. “What is this, coach? This is a first class body, I need first class service.”
-The ever-modest Howard

5. “I’m going to have to have a snuggle session with each and every one of these beautiful ladies. And you know what? I don’t think that will be too hard. I’m a pretty charming guy.”
[EDITOR’S NOTE: Mmmmmmhmmmmmm. Charming. That’s one word for it, Jeremy.]

4. “Aaryn is one smart cookie.”
[EDITOR’S NOTE: Really? Really? I guess, considering the source, it’s all relative.]

3. “I’ve got too much hair. It weighs a lot. I can not be a have-not.”

2. “Being trapped in a house with Jessie is like being trapped with a little girl at a Justin Bieber concert.”

1. “I came in here, actually, for more of a showmance instead of the money.”
[EDITOR’S NOTE: Well, he just won my vote for MVP. That’s some damn good gameplay right there.]

What was your favorite quote of the episode? Let me know!

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1 Response to The Ten Best Quotes From the Second Episode of BIG BROTHER

  1. Dana says:

    Just after stating he knew water by heart, David proclaiming himself to be a Greek Goddess instead of God. That right there takes a special kind of stupid!

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