Burning Questions From the BIG BROTHER Premiere


Big Brother is back! Oh Julie Chen, how I’ve missed thee.

With more houseguests than ever, along with the revelation of the requisite first day twists, tonight’s premiere episode was stuffed with information. Here are some burning questions:

Is McCrae Olson really a pizza delivery boy?
While McCrae’s official bio on cbs.com says that he is, in fact, a pizza delivery boy, we have no way of knowing for sure. Though I understand why his fellow competitors doubt the authenticity of his stated profession and believe he may be a genius-in-disguise, my gut tells me he is what he says he is. Plus — who says being brilliant and being a pizza delivery boy are mutually exclusive?

How did the houseguests pick up on Elissa Slater’s resemblance to Rachel Reilly so quickly?
Though it seemed like Candice noted that Elissa and Rachel could be related uncannily early, I’m actually not surprised it was identified so quickly — Big Brother contestants tend to be big fans of the show, and have studied up on the show’s history. (Rachel was on the show for two seasons, after all, so we had lots of time to look at her face.) The fact that she, and others, have realized this so early leads to another question…

Does the Rachel connection mean that Elissa will be the first to go?
With everyone afraid to make too many enemies early in the game, getting rid of Elissa early may be the easiest and safest move.  If she doesn’t make quick connections with her other houseguests, especially McCrae, I expect her to at least be nominated, if not eliminated — she’s definitely an easy target.

Who will be the first Big Brother MVP? 
It’s hard to say exactly who America will have connected with based on their articulated strategy, but as I wrote in my post First Impressions of the Big Brother Houseguests, I think Nick’s unassuming good looks, along with his resemblance to fan favorite Dan Gheesling, will help him grab the early power.

Does Julie Chen seem more relaxed this season?
Maybe it’s spending a couple of years chatting with the ladies on The Talk, but Julie seemed positively loose on the premiere episode. Sure, the “but first” Chenbot-isms were still there, but they were delivered with more of a wink and a smile than ever. I’m loving this version of Julie with her hair down!

Did you watch tonight’s premiere episode? Are you excited to have the show back? Any burning questions you have that I left off? Let me know!

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