First Impressions of the New BIG BROTHER Contestants — Who Will Be the First MVP?

Big Brother

It’s almost time for another season of Big Brother — who’s excited??

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Today CBS announced the 16 contestants who will be a part of Big Brother 15, as well as opened up voting for the first “Most Valuable Player.” The MVP will receive a special power, the details of which will be revealed on the premiere episode next Wednesday. See the list of contestants, along with a summary of their “strategy,” and vote for the MVP here.

As always, it’s an attractive cast, filled with people who work interesting occupations like “boat shop associate” and “pageant coordinator.” Here’s a few who immediately caught my eye, and who I’ll be throwing my MVP vote to:


McRae Olson, a 23-year old pizza delivery boy, seems to be filling the Ian role of this season’s ‘smart dork’ — he says his strategy is to “disarm my opponents, help me to get into their heads and play the mental game.” Will this work two seasons in a row?


Aaryn Gries, a 22-year old college student from Texas, basically comes out and says her strategy is to be a floater — “My strategy is to fly under the radar for as long as possible.” She’s sweet, she’s cute, she’s blonde — is she the second coming of former winner Jordan?


David Girton, a 25-year old lifeguard, has a little bit of past winner Hayden in his relaxed approach. He says, “My strategy going into the Big Brother house is to be the laid back, chill guy that goes with the flow.”


Elissa Slater, a 27-year old nutritionist from North Carolina, is (deep breath) Rachel Reilly’s sister. Oy. She tells that she is not going to volunteer her familial tie to the former champ, but she’s not going to lie about it if asked. Does her stated strategy of “forming an all-girl alliance” mean she’s going to play the game differently than Rachel, who latched on to Brandon and never let go? We’ll see…


GinaMarie Zimmerman, the aforementioned pageant coordinator from New York, could be a little like Janelle, as she describes herself as having a “big personality.” Will this help or hurt her?


And my MVP vote is going to Nick Uhas, an entrepreneur from New York who reminds me of the brilliant Dan Gheesling, at least based on his non-threatening, somewhat generic good looks. Since I’m still bitter Dan didn’t win last year despite some masterful moves, I’m throwing my early support behind Nick.

Who stood out to you? And who got your vote for MVP?

And is it next Wednesday yet??

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3 Responses to First Impressions of the New BIG BROTHER Contestants — Who Will Be the First MVP?

  1. Christine monnelly says:

    Aaryn needs to go home,her raistest comments on the show are horrible.

  2. Patrick says:

    just finished watching the 2nd eviction, as a fan of BB since season 1 ( I am from Chicken George’s home town) it has been an emotional couple of weeks, I am thoroughly disgusted not only by Aaryn’s racist / homophobic attitude but in the absolutely narcissistic / vain / shallow way that she knows yet shows a total lack of concern over other people’s feelings…but “beautiful people” like her obviously care only for themselves, on a plus note it was nice to see the other snob Nick get sent packing and the look on his face was priceless

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