Full Emmy Ballot Revealed — My Thoughts, and the Submissions That Make Me Go “Huh?”

Hayden Panetierre

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks starting my Emmy Nomination Predictions, but things were thrown for a bit of a loop last night when the full Emmy ballot was released. As always there were some interesting submissions. Here are the ones that caught my eye:

Freddie Highmore submitted himself for Supporting Actor in a Drama Series instead of in the expected Lead Actor category. Huh? The show is about his character, Norman Bates! His co-star Vera Farmiga is, as expected, in the Lead Actress category.

Amy Schumer submitted herself as Supporting Actress for the show in which her name appears in the title! Is this a joke? (If it is, it’s actually pretty funny.)

Nashville‘s Hayden Panetierre wisely put herself into the Supporting Actress in a Drama category, likely so that she doesn’t have to compete with her co-star Connie Britton.

Parenthood‘s Peter Krause is in the Lead Actor in a Drama race, but his onscreen spouse Monica Potter is in the Supporting Actress category. I think that was a good choice for Potter — she certainly deserves a nomination for her heartbreaking work on the NBC drama.

Rob Lowe once again reveals his ego by submitting himself in the Lead Actor in a Comedy race for his performance on Parks and Recreation. He did the same thing when he was on The West Wing and Brothers and Sisters. I don’t think he would have gotten a nod even if he had submitted himself in the Supporting category, but at least he wouldn’t have so blatantly revealed how highly he regards himself!

Arrested Development‘s Portia de Rossi is in the Lead Actress in a Comedy category, despite not appearing in many of that show’s episodes. Aside from Jason Batemen, who is suitably up for Lead Actor, all other Arrested Development actors are in the Supporting categories.

The Big C is up for Best Miniseries. What? I understand the final season was only four episodes, but it was the fourth season of a show — how can that be considered a miniseries? That’s certainly one way to guarantee star Laura Linney a nomination.

Mad Men‘s Jessica Pare, after submitting herself for Lead Actress last year, has bumped herself down to Supporting Actress this year. Her co-star Elisabeth Moss remains in the Lead Actress category.

Bunheads was only submitted in one category — Lead Actress in a Comedy for Sutton Foster. While all other ABC Family series are in the Series categories, Bunheads is mysteriously absent. It surely wouldn’t have scored a nomination, but the omission can’t bode well for a renewal.

Glee‘s Matthew Morrison submitted himself as Lead Actor in a Comedy, despite the fact that he didn’t appear in several episodes this season, and was often relegated to the background even when he was on the show. Though Morrison received a nomination in this category during the show’s first season, I think his brush with the Emmys is firmly in the past.

Did any of the submissions make you go “Huh?” Let me know!

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